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Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez joins GENYOUth for a special event

Posted by Alexis
Friday October 7, 2011
Categories: Politics

September has come and gone, and GENYOUth has certainly been busy during National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month! We spent the month launching our movement and raising awareness for such an important cause, and we hope that you’ll continue to support us and our quest to raise awareness for and fight childhood obesity.

To close out September, GENYOUth partnered with Discovery Education to broadcast a webinar to students across the country on Tuesday, September 27th. With the help of the incredible students and staff of Central Park East Middle School, we welcomed Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, who moderated the webinar with me and gave students tips on eating right and staying healthy – and maybe even getting to the NFL one day!

My family (who are all big Jets fans – except for me!) was able to join me for the webinar as well. My son Logan reprised his role as GENYOUth’s intrepid kid reporter, and got to ask Mark Sanchez some great questions after the webinar, including whether Mark thinks there’s a Super Bowl ring in the Jets’ immediate future. (According to Mark, the answer is yes!) Between this and the Mind Body & Spirit Games in Central Park, Logan has now had a chance to interview four current & former NFL players, and a few other heavy hitters too! He’s becoming quite the pro!

While September is over, our fight against childhood obesity is nowhere near done. Please keep following GENYOUth on Facebook, Twitter, and our website to see how you can help us.

Check out some pictures from the event:






GENYOUth Foundation at the Fitness Mind Body & Spirit Games – What a day!

Posted by Alexis
Wednesday October 5, 2011
Categories: Family, Fun, GENYOUth

We’ve had a busy few weeks here at GENYOUth! For those of you who follow me on Facebook (link to fan page?) and Twitter (link?), you know that the GENYOUth Foundation took part in an amazing event on Saturday, September 17th, called the Fitness Magazine Mind Body & Spirit Games in Central Park. It was a great event for the GENYOUth team, our corporate partners, and my entire family!

The GENYOUth experience tents had great giveaways and info from GENYOUth, and our corporate partners – The Quaker Oats Company, Discovery Education, Kraft Foods, and LALA Foods – as well as the chance to try out Microsoft Xbox’s new Kinect games.We were also visited by the Jump Rope Queen and NFL greats Marty Lyons, Sean Landeta, and Amani Toomer – it was great to hear their tips on exercising and eating right in order to stay healthy.



The day also featured men’s and women’s 4 mile races sponsored by New York Road Runners. We had a great time cheering on all of the racers, but the most run races of the day had to be the GENYOUth-sponsored kids’ races, which began at 11 a.m. and featured races for kids ages 2-12. My 3 sons participated in the races, and Logan, my oldest, even won his race! Check out the video below – that’s Logan crossing the finish line first, and his younger brother, Kyle, isn’t too far behind!

The Mind Body & Spirit Games was a great day for both GENYOUth and our corporate partners, families, and friends. We also officially launched our website on Saturday. If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to visit our website (link), take the pledge, and exercise your influence with us. Remember, it starts with you!